The power of nonviolence

But even he allows violence in defense against one's enemies. From its very invention, nonviolence was based upon this fundamental insight — that power resides in the people. We can trust that the genius behind their basic picture of Jesus is Jesus himself -- basically, the apocalyptic prophet which Schweitzer proclaimed him as in the first place.

I cannot here offer a thorough reading of the Book of Revelation as a call to nonviolent discipleship of the Lamb, 28 but allow me to at least present a couple of key moments.

Fund for Nonviolence

In both the Salt March and the Birmingham campaign, for example, protestors had to explicitly assent to these rules in the form of a vow or pledge in order to participate.

The role of human faith in Christ, therefore, is the secondary role of receiving the power of Christ's faith through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. It is an overflowing love which seeks nothing in return.

Gandhi and King both saw the power of suffering or discipline as essential to nonviolence. It is a participation, a liturgy, that anticipates and celebrates fulfillment of Creation such that we are nourished and filled for self-emptying, loving service in the as-yet broken world.

When Satan that is, the serpent of Gen.


When it comes to our own violence, in other words, we are in self-denial. Paul tells the Corinthians that they practice their own unholy communions to their own detriment and sickness.

From tactics of evading arrest and streaking to the brandishing of weapons by the Panthers, disruptive protest mocked authority and rejected prevailing social and political norms. If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. I know that some people are saying we must slow up.

But in Jesus Christ we come to definitively understand that these experiences are not of the one true God. Jesus also came to lead a battle as the Messiah.

And the situation of constant rivalry is that of constant competition, constant comparisons, and the need to justify oneself vis-a-vis others.

To thus see in John's vision a divine sacred violence as putting an end to our human violence is a misreading of colossal proportions.

Isn't Love the broader category of Jesus' proclamation. The decisive word of God's loving forgiveness in Jesus Christ ultimately results in the self-defeating event of satanic violence sinking into its lake of fire. We are called to love like God with a love that reaches out even to one's enemies and therefore with a love that never does violence.

But when we talk of loving those who oppose you and those who seek to defeat you we are not talking about eros or philia. The moral superiority of nonviolence is often evoked to condemn violent resistance and discredit unruly activists.

It opens up the inner understanding in man. We had to make it clear that nonviolent resistance is not a method of cowardice. And patience means self-suffering.

The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace

Now people used to ask me from the beginning what do you mean by love and how is it that you can tell us to love those persons who seek to defeat us and those persons who stand against us; how can you love such persons.

Without benefit of religious and cultural privilege, violence simply does what unveiled violence always does:. The power of nonviolence Nonviolent politics have unique power to change the world, but they require strategic suffering and ascetic self-mastery.

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The Power of Nonviolence

- 13 - The Power of Nonviolence. FOREWORD FOR THE INDIAN EDITION THE MOVEMENT OF ideas and their development into action is a fascinating study.

One such idea is that of non-violence. It apparently originated among a few of the forest sages of India about three thousand years ago. It was recorded in the Upanishads. Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is a crime that occurs when one person in a relationship seeks to gain and maintain control over the other by using physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse.

Birth & Family. Born at noon on Tuesday, January 15, at the family home in Atlanta, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the first son and second child born to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. .

The power of nonviolence
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