First grade valentine writing activities

This is a story sequencing chart that we will use to talk about the beginning and ending parts of the story.

Valentine's Day Activities

Lost their ever loving minds. The back of our booklets focus on key math vocabulary which we love referring to as we work our way through our math curriculum.

I took black contraction paper, cut it into small rectangles, wrote a letter on each piece and then put them inside a container. Why or why not. Kids are most comfortable when they know what they're talking about.

How might such a perfect pink holiday make you feel and why. What I love the most about this adorable book is the way it addresses kindness. They love our Spell Check time. As we discuss each word, we have them interact with their Math Chat on the backs of their Problem of the Day booklets.

This is definitely going to cause me to eat chocolate tonight, I guarantee you. This is similar to looking at a facebook wall. Just thought I would share. Just copy cut and staple. It has to be fun. What are some of the worst gifts you've ever heard being exchanged on this pink and red holiday.

All I did was add an easy to find clickable link to go to the Google classroom sign up page. Free Creative Writing Prompts: I got the "link" for the form and entered it on my Google classroom page- only taking 30 seconds. I like to scaffold the independent activities with a whole group or small group discussion and activity first.

Thanks again, Kelly How about buying some cheap wooden or plastic hearts. I am happy to share my recipe for success in spelling. I writing we are working hard on expressing ourselves in small moments. After my students had explored with each box of cylinders, They worked together with other friends to create patterns with them.

Children will enjoy this very much. We of course, also watch for use of the spelling rules to show up in their written expression. Click here to view and then print Place the cards in an empty box of chocolates and use them as a learning center.

It is probably one of the most visited activities on my math shelves right now. It's like a portable math word wall at their fingertips. Drift dreams of being the perfect snowman.

I have the link below. For this activity using the books, my students wrote one -at word on each page and then illustrated it using our colored pencils. They entered in my class code- and were instantly enrolled into my Google classroom.

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Valentine's Day Worksheets We've got Valentine's Day worksheets for all ages here, ranging from some simple tracing worksheets for younger children to some serious coordinate plotting for older kids, all with a Valentines theme. TeacherVision has activities and printables for every grade-level, K, so that you are able to find the lesson that fits your classroom.

Find a cross-curricular activity for any subject, holiday, or theme, as well as teaching tips for everything you need no matter what level you teach. Valentine’s Day Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade – Find addition and subtraction, phonics practice, counting by tens, building sentences, and more!

Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Feb 06,  · The students will be engaged in Valentine's Day literacy and math activities and centers throughout the day. The day will culminate in opening those long-awaited Valentine's Day cards. It's always so precious to watch the excitement on the students' faces when they open their cards.

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To perfect Valentine’s Day cards, have your children first study and play with first grade writing activities that boost their confidence in spelling and grammar.

By the time second grade rolls around, you may be the recipient of a self-made card.

First grade valentine writing activities
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1st Grade Math and Literacy Worksheets for February - Planning Playtime