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15 Ambitious Plans to Colonize the Moon

Inventions produced as a matter of necessity by a practical intellectual culture stressed by frontier conditions can make Mars rich, but invention and direct export to Earth are not the only ways that Martians will be able to make a fortune. Moving materials from the earth to the moon or vice versa requires energy, but the energy required to transport material from space to earth is lower and much more in a reverse trip.

NASA is currently studying varieties of radishes, lettuce, and green onions within plant growth chambers where samples are grown hydroponically using nutrient-enriched fluid inside hydroponic chambers. For instance, astronauts could mine materials from a lunar well and lift them by elevator to a convenient docking station.

NASA termed it a complete success Santy Establishing multiple bases on the lunar surface would prompt a linkage by railway systems that are permanent Shreve 9.

In the long-term, Mars will enjoy a power-rich economy based upon exploitation of its large domestic resources of deuterium fuel for fusion reactors.

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Why should we use the lunar poles first. Scientists have proposed three lunar locations for lunar outposts: Ultimately, this will let the moon to serve as a construction site or fueling station for spacecraft.

The workers that would aid in construction, location finders and all the machinery useful in building would have already been transported in the NASA Orion spacecraft.

Colonizing Mars: Problems and Benefits

Mars has every required element in abundance. And all living spaces on Earth are occupied nowadays. Ultimately, this will let the moon to serve as a construction site or fueling station for spacecraft.

Like America in its relationship to Britain and the West Indies, Mars has a positional advantage that will allow it to participate in a useful way to support extractive activities on behalf of Earth in the asteroid belt and elsewhere.

Soldiers would command lunar vehicles to haul cargo, explore the surface of the Moon, and rescue people in distress; a parabolic antenna would be used to communicate with Earth. So it is not surprising that the last human visited the Moon in In the same year Lunar 3 photographed and radioed to the earth the then unseen far side of the moon.

The lunar colony will be based on the lunar poles for many reasons: Interplanetary Commerce Mars is the best target for colonization in the solar system because it has by far the greatest potential for self-sufficiency.

While some scientists have been collecting the DNA of endangered species for years, others are beginning to entertain the idea of collecting human DNA for future research or creating unique organisms.

These were Project Horizon, lunex project and lunar ark.

Colonizing Mars: Problems and Benefits

The lunar far side is short of direct communication. Deuterium is five times more common on Mars than it is on Earth, and tens of thousands of times more common on Mars than on the Moon.

A single acre of plants on Earth requires four megawatts of sunlight power, a square kilometer needs 1, MW. This essay discusses US interest in moon exploration and colonization.

Lunar water was found only on the lunar poles by now. Moving material from the Moon to the earth causes more problems because of the high cost of transportation. Mars is a place where humans can live and multiply to large numbers, supporting themselves with products of every description made out of indigenous materials.

Growing crops with electrically generated light is just economically hopeless. Satoki Kurokawa from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency explained that their Moon base would be essential for the development of robotics.

Only Mars has the full set of resources required to develop a native civilization, and only Mars is a viable target for true colonization. His idea involved creating vessels that could float in the dust oceans within half-cylinders that linked different areas.

Mars is thus a place where an actual civilization, not just a mining or scientific outpost, can be developed. The US vision of landing on the moon had three projects with the aim of exploring the moon and eventually settling human beings there.

Moon is the closest celestial body, that is why it takes the first place for human colonization in the imagination of many scientists and fiction writers. Colonization of the Moon is seriously discussed in the scientific circles since the late fifties. While different space agencies have approached the idea of a manned mission to Mars as taking place in the vein of the Apollo explorations of the moon, the feasibility of such missions has diminished due to financial considerations and the lack of a public appetite in the current political climate (Schulze-Makuch & Davies, ).

The Case for Colonizing Mars, by Robert Zubrin

Summary: The future of living on the Moon is near. This subject was once a joke, but now it is a not so distant reality. This subject was once a joke, but now it is a not so distant reality. Colonizing on the Moon is the stepping stone to exploring the rest of the universe. There are a few arguments made in the article Irrational Dreams Of Space Colonization makes a point by saying “The solar system could also potentially be exposed to galactic sources of high energy gamma ray bursts that could fry all life on Earth; any moon or Mars base would face a similar fate” (Williams, 5).

The colonization of the moon is the first step for humankind to become and interplanetary species. It is the only logical choice, becauseof its close proximity to Earth.

There will be many advantages if the colonization of the moon is success. The colonization of the moon would take around five years. Thesite of the colony is an important detail. It must be near many resources, especially oxygen, in order for the colony to advance as quickly as possible.

The location must also have adequate topography for transportation.

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The moon's poles are the bestlocation for the lunar colony.

Colonization of the moon essay
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America's Colonization of the Moon